Daniel R. Page

Daniel R. Page, M.Sc., B.C.Sc.(Hons.)

Ph.D. Candidate, Researcher, Science Educator

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UWO Office: MC22, University of Western Ontario/Western University, Canada
Email: drpage[a_t]pagewizardgames.com
Email (University of Western Ontario): dpage6[a_t]uwo.ca
Phone: (226) 448-1966 (new number as of November, 2014)



I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and have recently moved to London, Ontario to complete my Ph.D. program at Western University under the supervision of Dr. Roberto Solis-Oba. My primary research interests are in Theoretical Computer Science:

  • Algorithms,
  • Combinatorial Optimization,
  • Graph Theory,
  • Theory of Computation,
  • Computational Discrete Mathematics,
  • Parallel Algorithms

Recently, I have been interested in scheduling theory and its ties with graph theory in the development of approximation algorithms, and computational complexity results. The types of algorithms that interest me most at the present time in no particular order are approximation algorithms, combinatorial algorithms, parallel algorithms, and sequential algorithms. Got a problem that has combinatorial properties, especially additive properties that are shared by combinatorial objects like graphs, and more? It's more than likely that I will find the problem interesting to investigate if it is a pragmatic scientific venture.


2015 - ...    Ph.D.                   Western University/University of Western Ontario   (Doctorate) [Started January 2015]

  • Field: Computer Science
  • Branch: Theoretical Computer Science
  • Advisor:  Dr. Roberto Solis-Oba
  • Grade Average: 96%

2012 - 2014 M.Sc                University of Manitoba    (Master of Science) 

2011 B.C.Sc. (Hons.)         University of Manitoba   (Bachelor of Computer Science-Honours)

  • Major: Computer Science
  • Minor: Mathematics
  • Concentrations: Theoretical Computer Science, and Computer Graphics

Research Interests

At the moment I am especially interested in the area of Combinatorial Optimization in relation to approximation algorithms.  In particular, the relationship between efficient exact-solution algorithms for restricted variations of NP-Hard problems, their hardness of approximation results, and approximation algorithms for NP-Hard problems. I focus on algorithmic and theoretic results.   Problems with additive combinatorial properties are especially interesting to me.

Current Research

Some of my current investigations:

  • The makespan minimization problem on unrelated parallel machines and special cases of this problem: computational complexity results, approximation algorithms, combinatorial algorithms, and discrete bounds for schedules.
  • The study of approximation algorithms and inapproximability for NP-hard problems closely related to hard scheduling problems.

Research, and Publications                                                                                                                        

Peer-reviewed articles and theses

A 3/2-Approximation Algorithm for the Graph Balancing Problem with Two Weights [Open Access].
D.R. Page, Roberto Solis-Oba, Volume 9 (Issue 2), 38 - June 2016, Algorithms, MDPI.

Approximation Algorithms for Subclasses of the Makespan Problem on Unrelated Parallel Machines with Restricted Processing Times [Accepted Version*].
D. R. Page, Volume 2 (Issue 1) - January 2015, SOP Transactions on Applied Mathematics, Scientific Online Publishing.

Thesis: Tractability and Approximability for Subclasses of the Makespan Problem on Unrelated Parallel Machines.
D. R. Page, Supervisor: Dr. Ben Pak Ching Li, M.Sc. Thesis, August 2014,  University of Manitoba.

Parallel Algorithm for Second-Order Restricted Weak Integer Composition Generation for Shared Memory Machines [Accepted Version*].
D. R. Page, Volume 23 (Issue 3) - September 2013,  Parallel Processing Letters (PPL), World Scientific.

Generalized Algorithm for Restricted Weak Composition Generation [Accepted Version*].
D. R. Page, Volume 12 (Issue 4), pages 345-372 - December 2013, Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms in Operations Research (JMMA), Springer.

Thesis:  Generalized Methods for Restricted Weak Composition Enumeration, (not online)  (August 2011).
D.R. Page, Supervisor:  Dr. John van Rees, University of Manitoba, Summer 2011. (Undergraduate Thesis)

Non-refereed articles and reports

Retrogressive "Classic Game" Image Processing [ResearchGate].
D.R. Page, Neil D.B. Bruce, Self-published Oct. 6, 2014, prepared October 2013.  ResearchGate DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1582.4647

Drawing String Graphs for 8-Grid Outerplanar Grid Drawings [ResearchGate].
D.R. Page,  Self-published Oct. 2, 2014, research completed May 2013. ResearchGate DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1496.9602  

Survey:  Enumeration Algorithms for Unrestricted and Restricted Compositions and Words, (online) (January 2011).
D. R. Page, originally completed at University of Manitoba, Winter 2011.


I have reviewed for the following conferences and journals:

  • WAOA (Workshop on Approximation and Online Algorithms) 2016.

Selected Presentations

Talk: Parallel Algorithm for Second-Order Restricted Weak Composition Generation on Shared Memory Machines [Video].
(March 27, 2014) D. R. PageDepartment of Computer Science, University of Manitoba (given to graduate class in a course called Advances in Parallel Computing in Winter 2014)

Seminar: Generalized Methods for Restricted Weak Composition Enumeration   [Video],
(March 6, 2012) D. R. PageDepartment of Computer Science Seminar Series, University of Manitoba

Generalized Methods for Restricted Weak Composition Enumeration, (not online)
(August 2011)
Supervisor: Dr. John van Rees, University of Manitoba, Summer 2011.

Enumeration Algorithms for Unrestricted and Restricted Compositions and Words, (online)
(April 2011) Originally presented at University of Manitoba, Winter 2011.

All Finite Fields have a Prime Power Order: Morphisms, Cauchy's Theorem, and Proof, (online)
(March 2011) Originally presented at University of Manitoba, Winter 2011. (Updated December 20, 2012)

Conferences Attended

  • UWORCS 2017 - 25th anniversary (Western University) [April 10, 2016]
    • Volunteered as a chair and judge for the Computer Algebra session of UWORCS 2017. I also was a speaker at the event in another session.
  • Computationally Assisted Mathematical Discovery and Experimental Mathematics, ACMES (Algorithms and Complexity in Mathematics, Epistemology, and Science) [May 12-15, 2016]
  • UWORCS 2016 (Western University) [April 8, 2016]
    • Volunteered as a chair and judge for HCI, Distributed Systems, and Software Engineering session of UWORCS 2016. I also was a speaker at the event.
  • UWORCS 2015 (Western University) [April 2015]
  • Prairie Discrete Mathematics Workshop 2010 (University of Manitoba) [April 28-29, 2010]

Teaching, and Tutoring


The following is my current, or previous teaching experience:

  • Western University (January 2015 - ...)
    • Graduate Teaching Assistant
      • CS1027B - Computer Science Fundamentals II (Winter 2015)
      • CS3307A - Object-Oriented Design and Analysis (Fall 2015)
      • CS1027B - Computer Science Fundamentals II (Winter 2016)
      • CS3307A - Object-Oriented Design and Analysis (Fall 2016)
      • CS1027B - Computer Science Fundamentals II (Winter 2017)
  • University of Manitoba (May 2012 - Mid-August 2014) - Sessional Instructor (Department of Computer Science)
    • Rate My Professors: 4.9 out of 5 overall as of Nov. 2014, after my teaching positions at U of M.
    • University of Manitoba Teaching History:
Course Term # of Students Mode Letter Grade
COMP 1260 [Introductory Computer Usage 1] Summer Session 2012



COMP 1260 [Introductory Computer Usage 1] Fall 2012



COMP 1260 [Introductory Computer Usage 1] Winter 2013



COMP 2080 [Analysis of Algorithms] Summer Session 2013 44


COMP 1260 [Introductory Computer Usage 1] Fall 2013



COMP 1260 [Introductory Computer Usage 1] Winter 2014 72 A
COMP 2080 [Analysis of Algorithms] Summer Session 2014 46 B+
  • Western Canada Aviation Museum (November 2011 - Current (away since beginning of November 2014)) - Museum Interpreter
    • Conducts tours, and educational programs under the Take Flight Program.
    • Hosts birthday parties, which entails the tour, activities, and facilitating the event.
  • Mad Science (September 2011 - April 2012) - Science Instructor
    • Lunch Hour, and After-school science programs.
    • Maximum of 20 students ranging from grades one to six.
    • Programs range from 6 to 8 week programs.
    • One hour classes that meet weekly.


I tutor through my personal services, but also I have in the past with Tutoring Works. I have been tutoring privately since 2007.   I currently reside in the London, Ontario area.  In the past and currently I offer services by the following methods:

  • One-on-One tutoring.
  • Group tutoring.
  • Remote, or Online Tutoring (via live digital stream).

My services are offered to students in the home, or on campus, at my home (locally, or remotely).  I have experience tutoring all kinds of students, and have a passion for explaining the 'why' questions which are important, that barely get touched at certain levels in the formal sciences.  I provide deep, but simple explanations but can readily provide more formal explanations as necessary.  I have over four years of tutoring experience in the following scientific fields:

  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Statistics

I have tutored the following courses in the past:

Secondary School Level:

  • Grade 10 Pre-Calculus
  • Grade 11 Pre-Calculus
  • Grade 11 Physics
  • Grade 12 Pre-Calculus
  • Grade 12 Physics
  • Introduction to Calculus/Advanced Math

 Post Secondary School Level:

I have tutored for students for the following courses at this level:

Red River College

  • MATH1007 - Calculus

University of Manitoba

  • COMP1010 - Introduction to Computer Science 1
  • COMP1020 - Introduction to Computer Science 2
  • COMP2130 - Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
  • COMP2140 - Data Structures and Algorithms
  • COMP2080 - Analysis of Algorithms
  • COMP3170 - Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures
  • MATH1500  - Introduction to Calculus
  • MATH1700  - Calculus 2
  • STAT1000   - Basic Statistical Analysis 1

If you are interested in services from me, please contact me by my e-mail, or my phone number.  I am not just limited to the topics above. Due to my schedule, I will not be taking on any clients, but I will happily take requests for educational videos that I can prepare as a Youtube Partner.

  I am able to cover many subjects ranging from software applications, to programming, to other mathematical discourses.  In terms of my main interests, I do not go past entry university physics, and I much prefer discrete mathematics (so if you are needing assistance in a discrete mathematics course (any) I can do those, based on the topics).  I am always interested in learning more concepts, or to share my knowledge on a subject.  If you have any questions, let me know!


Academic Awards

  • UWORCS 2017, Western University - First Prize: Computer Algebra and Theory of Computer Science (April 2016)
    • Money Prize, and certificate for my talk Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling Unrelated Parallel Machines.
  • SOGS, Western University - SOGS Graduate Student Teaching Awards Nominee (2015/2016)
    • Nominated by students and faculty. Nominated while being a TA for CS1027B.
  • UWORCS 2016, Western University - First Prize: Theory of Computer Science, Computer Algebra and Symbolic Computation (April 2016)
    • Money Prize, and certificate for my talk Understanding the Gap: Approximation Algorithms and Inapproximability for the Makespan Minimization Problem on Unrelated Parallel Machines.
  • University 1, University of Manitoba - University 1 Excellence in Teaching Award Nominee (2012/2013)
    • Nominated by students in a first year class.  Nominated while teaching COMP 1260 (Introductory Computer Usage 1)
  • University of Manitoba (Department of Computer Science) - Special Department of Computer Science Award of Excellence
    • For achievements as a graduate student ($8,500).

Other Activities and Selected Software

I am a user on Quora and ResearchGate. On Quora I have been a top writer on various topics relevant to Theoretical Computer Science.

Here you will find a small set of examples of software I have worked outside my academic work, independently:



*-Please cite the published version, not the accepted version.                                                                              

**-Course is currently active.

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